Here you can find everything you need to know regarding your session: links, deadlines, recording tips, etc. Look here for any changes that may occur as well.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact Kellie Koford at kellie@tcase.org.

Dec. 7 - Agreements & Headshots Due
Jan. 8 - Video Submissions & Handouts Due
Prerecorded Videos

Below are the links to either upload a video you recorded yourself, or to schedule a time to record with TCASE.

All videos submitted should be an .mp4 file, with your session title, 1080p resolution (preferred), but no less than 720p resolution. If recording your session on Zoom with a high resolution camera, the resolution should be fine.

Recording Tips
  1. Please limit recordings to 43 minutes in duration.

  2. Record in a well-lit area. Please try to avoid back-lighting as this will make your face appear darker.

  3. Avoid a busy background (ex: distracting objects, others walking behind you, etc.) 

  4. Record your session in a quiet place to avoid picking up background noise.

  5. Make sure your microphone/sound is optimal to ensure a clear sound that is not muffled or breaking up.

  6. Submit your video as an .mp4 file at 1080p (preferred), but no less than 720p resolution.

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