Cindy Moses

The ABCs of Budgets for SSA Directors

Cindy Moses is the Director of Special Education for Region 9 ESC. Prior to coming to R9 in January of 2015, she served as Director of Special Education for Wichita Falls ISD and Clay-Jack SSA, a cooperative of eight school districts. Cindy has just completed the presidential track cycle of TCASE, having the unique opportunity to serve as TCASE President for the 13-14 and 14-15 school years. She uses her experiences to provide trainings and technical assistance on the gamut of special education issues from legal issues, budgeting processes, compliance and performance monitoring, to instructional support, parent involvement and participation and child-centered decision making among many others. Her passion is to assist special education directors to not only be effective in their extremely complex and difficult role, but for them to feel satisfied and fulfilled with the work they do to serve students with disabilities.

My Sessions

Pre Conference: The ABCs of Budgets for SSA Directors: Ask, Build, Check

Participants will learn the right questions to ask in order to begin the budgeting process, how to use the answers to those questions to build the budget, and how to systematically check the status of the budget throughout the year.  Tools and tips will be included to equip SSA Directors to feel more confident in […]