Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many different prices?
As a membership society, it is our priority to offer members the best value. Those who pay membership dues receive discounts on many of our programs, including the conventions. Because we make financial commitments when we plan our events, it is important for us to be able to plan for the number of attendees. We do this by encouraging early registration through discounted registration. By having an early sense of attendance, we are able to plan appropriately and make the best fiscal decisions with your membership dollars.

How do I know if I am a member?
When you log into our web site, your membership status should be evident. If you still have questsions, or would like to know about the benefits of membership, contact the TCASE office. We are always happy to answer your questions.

How do I know if I am registered?
You will receive two automatic emails when you are registered. One email will serve as your receipt or invoice if you have a balance due and the other email will contain additional information for your conference attendance.

I’m moving from my current district to a new one.  Is my TCASE membership transferrable?
Your TCASE membership is transferrable if you paid for it out of your pocket.  If it was paid by your district the membership must remain within the district.

Does TCASE accept POs?
Yes, however POs do not constitute payment. Payment must be received in the form of a check, credit card or cash prior to or at the convention.

When does the new membership year start? Is it the same for everyone, or is it on the anniversary of when I joined last year?
All TCASE memberships are annual; beginning on July 1 and expiring June 30 of the following year. To maximize your membership, join on or before July 1.

I registered for the event when I was a member, but my membership expires before it takes place.  Should I renew my membership before the convention starts?
If you registered while your membership was current you would have received the discounted rate.  To ensure you qualify for the lower rate you must have a current membership at the time of the event.  You can renew online, contact the TCASE office for assistance or renew at the convention.

If I join TCASE mid-year are my membership dues prorated?
Regardless of the date of you join the membership dues remain the same.

I’m retired from a district position and now serve as a consultant to various districts.  Which membership type would I be eligible to join?
As a consultant you are eligible to join as an Affiliate member, entitled to the affiliate benefits.  Any previous membership category is no longer valid.

What should I do if I forget my login information?
You should be able to reset your information by clicking on the link provided at the sign in location on the website.  You are also welcome to contact the TCASE office.  We’re always happy to assist you.

My information has changed.  How do I provide my updated information in the TCASE database?  Will it automatically change when I submit my registration to the convention?
You have two options for updating your information/profile.  Go to the TCASE website and sign in.  At that point you should see ‘My Profile’.  You’re able to manage your profile information here, or you can contact the TCASE office for assistant.  If you email your profile changes to Vicki Yancy at she will make the changes for you. It is best to update your profile before registration so that your invoice and registration reflect your most current profile.  

How can I get a copy of my invoice(s) to submit for payment?
Contact Vicki Yancy.  She will be happy to send you or your accounts payable contact a copy of any invoices.  We can also provide a payment line, which will allow you to submit payment online.

My registration has been paid for but I am not able to attend anymore. What can I do?
There is no fee for substituting registrations. For registrations before the conference, all you need to do is email with the information of the person that will be your substitute. Your substitute will then receive an email confirmation. Registration substitutions can also be done onsite at the registration booth. Please keep in mind that if you have registered at the member rate for the conference, your substitute will also need to be a member or be billed for the difference for the non-member rate. If you are unable to find a substitute, you can request a refund before January 19, 2017 by sending an email to A fee will apply for each registration cancellation.

Can I wait to register at the event?
Registering before the event makes your check in process easier, but we welcome onsite registrations at the event. Payments by check or credit card will be accepted.

What events are being held at the JW Marriott Austin hotel?
Conference sessions, exhibits and more will be held at the JW Marriott Austin hotel.

How can I change the pre-conference session I initially signed up for?
Contact before February 5, 2018 to make changes to your schedule. If you are making changes or registering onsite, you can sign up for any session that has not reached capacity.

Planning for the Conference
Our conferences are business casual – we want you to be comortable for learning. Please remember that temperatures in the meeting rooms vary so you might want to take a sweater or jacket or dress in layers just in case you are too cold or warm. There can be many invitations to off-site events, so we recommend comfortable shoes.

Will parking be available at the conference hotel?
For hotel guests, the JW Marriott Austin hotel offers overnight parking for $27.47 per day. For local attendees, self-parking is available at the max daily rate of $27.47 until it reaches capacity.

Where should I park if I am not staying at a hotel?

For local attendees, self-parking is available at the JW Marriott Austin hotel until it reaches capacity. The max daily rate is $27.47. Offiste parking is also available at the convention center parking garage located at 201 E 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701.

Is Wi-Fi available at the JW Marriott Austin?
More information will be available soon.

Is there an area that my coworkers and I can gather to debrief?
TCASE has a members-only lounge that is perfect for catching up, but you must be members to enter. There are also many other seating areas throughout the hotel that work well for small meetings, informal conversations and catching up with friends. The exhibit hall is also a great place to catch up with friends and network.

How many continuing education credits can I earn by attending?
You can earn 4.5 credit hours for attending one-day (Tuesday only), 10.5 credit hours for attending the main conference, and 13.5 credit hours for attending both the pre-conference and main conference.